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Gus Openshaw's Whale-Killing Journal

Know My Enemy

June 17
Racing southbound by the stars, having got word of a pod with a really fat straggler at 10degrees 21' N and 66/ 42' W, near Venezuela. In the event it's yet another false alarm, here's the info from the Wanted Poster I've been sticking up at the docks, plus some extra explaining for the greenhorns:

He's about 70 feet long and weighs about 60 tons, which means he'd be pushing the max if they had Big & Tall stores for sperm whales (this could be cause he's psychotic and eats stuff his kind aren't supposed to--guys named Gus's families for instance). His skin's battleship gray, like a prune in texture. He's got a big fat box-shape head 30 feet long, 15 feet high, and 10 across. Blowhole on the front, just like in the cartoon shows. Now, here's the key thing--even more key than the extra boatload of blubber: Right smack between his eyes is a lighter-color-of-gray scar in the shape of a "B," as in bastard. Sperm whales get scars like this from their favorite snack, giant squids, who aren't too pleased about getting eaten.

I'd give more details--past sightings of him, stuff like that--but I just got news over the blower that we're being boarded by pirates. So I got to go deal with that. Meantime, please post coordinates or whatever else you got on him. If I live through the night, I'll be much obliged.

Posted by Gus Openshaw at 12:01 AM ADT
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